Dragonhawk Aion Pen machine

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The  wireless tattoo machine is Dragonhawk’s powerful pen-style rotary with a 3.5 mm fixed stroke length.

This Dragonhawk rotary machine boasts a direct drive motor with no give, powerful enough to manage even large liner and shader cartridges that have a universal, Cheyenne-type connection. The 3.5 mm stroke is ideal for most tattoo styles and techniques, and needle depth can be adjusted with the click-action grip.

The Dragonhawk  pen’s advanced gear system implants ink smoothly into the skin with minimal noise for the best healing results.

The Dragonhawk  prominent LCD screen clearly shows the working voltage and is also able to record working time, with three buttons beneath to control power and to easily adjust the voltage. With a 2000mAh lithium battery offering a working voltage of 5-12 V, the machine has a run time of up to 8 hours (depending on voltage and cartridges used) from just a 2 hour charge.

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