Eternal travel  set 25 colour 15ml/bottle

Eternal travel set 25 colour 15ml/bottle

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Anyone who travels, or just particularly likes having an organised space for their inks and equipment, is certain to appreciate this particular set. The travel set comes with a selection of the most popular eternal inks as well as stencil stuff, these are in the most convenient sizes to ensure you have enough ink to work but not more than you want to be carrying around with you. The inks are all eternal inks, which are non-toxic, organic and high quality to ensure they maintain their colour. They are also sterilized using gamma ray technology to reduce any risks of infection to your customers, which is of course of particular importance when you’re travelling.White, Triple Black, Lining Black, Lipstick Red, Lightning Yellow, Dark Red, Sky Blue, True Blue, Crimson Red, Hot Pink, Light Purple, Orange, Light Magenta, Graffiti Green, Bright Orange, Golden Yellow, Mint Green, Pink, Dark Purple, Light Red, Deep Red, Lime Green, Bright Yellow, Caramel and Nuclear Green.

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