FK Iron Spektra Flux S PMU Permanent Makeup Machine - Pink / Bubblegum

FK Iron Spektra Flux S PMU Permanent Makeup Machine - Pink / Bubblegum

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The PowerBolt also offers the ability to 'killswitch' the machine, which stops the Flux S from being switched on accidentally - helpful for when travelling with the PMU machine by flight.

The Flux S is Bluetooth-enabled, which means that you can pair it with DarkLab's Hover power supply and app. You can use the DarkLab app to wirelessly update the Flux S with the latest firmware, making it future-proof.

Microbeau's Flux S is a direct drive machine that offers no give and a 3 mm stroke, which means it excels in all forms of PMU techniques. It is also very quiet when running and creates minimal vibration.

This version of the Flux S comes with one PowerBolt. We also offer the Flux S with an additional PowerBolt.

Key Features:

  • Colour: Pink / Bubblegum

  • Comes with x1 PowerBolt

  • Wireless - no cables of power supplies needed

  • Interchangeable battery

  • USB-C Li-ion battery with Dynamic Power-Path Management

  • Battery capacity and voltage LED indicator

  • Voltage: 6-12 V, adjustable in 0.5 V increments/decrements

  • Fast charging speeds of up to 1.5 A

  • Up to 6 hours running time

  • Bluetooth-enabled - can be paired with DarkLab Hover power supply and app

  • Future-proof - wireless firmware updates via app

  • Direct drive with 3 mm stroke

  • Compatible with Cheyenne type needle cartridges

  • Weight: 170 g

  • Made in the USA

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