Power Supply, Switch & Cables

Tattoo supply London has everything you need to get your tattoo studio powered up quickly, easily and reliably for use day in / day out. We only stock premium tattoo machine power supplies from the most reliable and high end brands in the industry. Critical power supplies, which are made in USA and CAT power supplies, which are made in Germany are some of the most steady and reliable power supplies available.When you looking for professional and affordable power supply for your tattoo machine you are at the right place to buy in Tattoo supply London.Dual digital power supply, dual power supply, critical atom power supply, slim silver for pedal, general black foot pedal, Cheyenne foot pedal, ez foot pedal, critical foot pedal, trio foot pedal, clipcord, orca cable, battery, clipcord cover, round foot pedal, skull foot pedal, stigma/aurora digital, ufo style pedal, coil and rotary machine bag, transparent power supply, Cheyenne adapter cable, critical battery, pen type machine cover.