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Cheyenne Sol Nova V2 Tattoo Pen 4.5mm stroke

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The SOL Nova V2 is an improved version of the powerful, lightweight and ergonomic pen-style rotary tattoo machine from Cheyenne.

Driven by its upgraded brushless DC motor with an operating voltage between 4.7 and 12.6 V, this rotary machine has a stitch frequency between 25-150 Hz, making it perfect for a wide range of styles and techniques.

The Cheyenne SOL Nova V2 has an ergonomic body just 99 mm in length, with a comfortable 33 mm diameter grip as standard and slight forward-weighting for balance. Built for fatigue-free working and with an anti-roll design, this machine is as easy to barrier wrap as it is to hold.

The 3.5 mm moveable jack connection allows for total freedom of moment, while the innovative jack cage protects the connection throughout use.

This machine comes with three modes of operation: two different strength responsive modes for reactive hit, and one steady mode for constant hit.

The SOL Nova V2 is available with three stroke lengths - Cheyenne recommends 2.5 mm for fine delicate shading, 3.5 mm for an all-purpose tattoo machine, and 4.5 mm for lining and colour packing.

Please select the stroke length you require.

The SOL Nova V2 is compatible with Cheyenne Disposable Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round grips as well as the SOL Nova Grip Steel.

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