Electrum stencil primer

Electrum stencil primer

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Keep your stencil locked onto the skin with the well-known, veteran artist developed Electrum Premium Stencil Primer. Available in 2oz & 8oz bottles.Tattoo supply London love electrum stencil primer.

With years of top feedback from many awesome tattoo artists to back it up, Electrum is branded as one of the industry’s leading stencil primers. Electrum is EU certified & compliant, vegan-friendly and completely deodorant free but it still smells beautiful (your clients will love it!).

A little goes a long way with Electrum Stencil Primer, just a 5p or 1 cent coin sized amount can fill an entire forearm! Making it a highly cost effective stencil solution.

Skin friendly vegan

Made in the USA

EU Certified

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