Jenna Kerr Baroque Set - 6x 30 ml SKU LTJKBQS1

World Famous Limitless Tattoo Ink - Jenna Kerr Baroque Set - 6x 30 ml

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The World Famous Limitless Jenna Kerr Baroque Set has been designed by World Famous Ink Pro-Team member Jenna Kerr and contains the following colours:

  • Decadent Queen
  • Ornate Rococo
  • Regal Opulence
  • Old English Gold
  • Lost Treasure
  • Royal Gothic

The World Famous Limitless Baroque Set was designed to create the sort of stunning filigrees and ornamental designs which feature heavily in Jenna Kerr's work. Recreate gold and brass tones in your tattoos with this set, designed to be mixed to create a perfect pallet of golden hues.

World Famous Ink is committed to being at the forefront in terms of compliancy with regulations across the globe. As a global manufacturer, the new EU REACH regulations for World Famous Ink was an opportunity to create a new ink line that exceeds regulatory standards to have an updated world market compliant product.

  • Volume: 6x 30 ml
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free
  • Fully complies with the latest EU REACH regulations
  • Made in the USA

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